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OBD Auto Doctor 3.7

Diagnoses your software using the On-Board Diagnostic system
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Communicates with your vehicle's On-Board Diagnostic system thus arms your computer with vehicle scanning abilities. Handles check engine" light errors, and clears them, and also monitors data in real-time. Basically, it grants access to parameters and sensors from the Engine Control Unit.

At some point, everyone who owns a car has to deal with mechanical problems. In order to fix them, you can either take the car to a mechanic or you can fix it yourself and save some money.
OBD Auto Doctor comes to your help if you choose to deal with the problem on your own. This software solution offers users the tools to diagnose, detect or just monitor your car system by simply connecting it to a PC via an adapter.

The program is quite easy to install and has a user-friendly interface so it can be used with any difficulties even by novices. The only downside of the interface is probably the lack of skin themes.

Once you've got accustomed to the interface you can test what OBD Auto Car can do. After you've connected the adapter, the program creates a profile of your vehicle with details, where you can store information such as model year, fuel type, volumetric efficiency or engine displacement.

Next, it can display information regarding Calibration Verification Numbers, Identification number or Engine Control Unit.

Other car details, such as Fuel Consumption, Engine Coolant Temperature or Fuel Pressure, can also be retrieved by the program.

Furthermore, OBD Auto Doctor can read Stored(MODE 3), Pending(MODE 7), Permanent(MODE A) Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Freeze Frame.

All things considered, OBD Auto Doctor is a software program that is very useful for car owners who deal with minor car issues but can also be used by small repair shops. Despite having some issues when connecting ELM327 adapters or detecting the accuracy of fuel consumption in diesel vehicles, OBD Auto Doctor it's a reliable tool for fixing car problems.

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  • Creates an extensive profile of the car
  • Displays information regarding Calibration Verification Numbers
  • Offers details about Fuel Consumption or Engine Coolant Temperature


  • The interface lacks skin themes
  • Has some issues when connecting ELM327 adapters
  • Has difficulties when detecting the accuracy of fuel consumption in diesel vehicles
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